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Select the challenge based on whether you're home based or in a commercial location. Commercial location is where you or your business owns the property. 2022 Challenge is open now!!
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About the Challenge

Virginia Green Initiative, Inc. is committed to encouraging and promoting a healthy and sustainable quality of life for all Virginians.   In order to be more successful in our commitment, we have developed a Green Challenge for businesses in Virginia.  By taking this challenge, you are pledging to take action within your business to help both the community and the environment for future generations to come.

If you would like to be our partner in reducing greenhouse gasses in Virginia and Conserve energy, take the challenge and start implementing changes in your work place today!  Helpful Tip:  Gather fellow co-workers who are passionate about greener way of life, and from a team to tackle the challenges in your business together.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Increase Your Bottom Line with Energy and Cost Savings
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Recognition and leadership in the community
  • Attract New Prospective Employees and Customers by Being a Green Business
  • Increase Employees Moral and Retention
  • Earn Great Publicity through Press Releases and Gain Advantage over Competitors

Eligibility and Criteria

Any commercial or home-based organizations whose operations reside in Virginia is eligible to take the challenge and apply for this award.

You can earn point with each of the six categories.  Awards will be based on the number of points earned.  The scorecard will be judged by a committee of Virginia Green Initiative, Inc. business owners.  Achievement awards levels are Certified Green Business, Silver Green Business, Gold Green Business and, Platinum Green Business.

Submission Instructions

Fill out the form below completely and make sure to hit the ‘Submit’ button on the last page. Please keep reference notes for each task and supporting documentation in case you are asked (documentation may include photos, receipts, written polices, progress reports, reference material).

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